BackReliever Reviews (2024): Legit Decompression Belt?

As a single mum juggling the demands of work, household chores, and raising my kids, back pain has been a constant and unwelcome companion in my life. The daily grind often left me with a sore and aching lower back, making it difficult to keep up with my energetic children and the endless list of tasks. I tried various remedies, from painkillers to physical therapy, but nothing seemed to provide lasting relief. That was until I discovered the BackReliever Decompression Belt.


This belt has been a game-changer for me. Not only has it significantly reduced my back pain, but it has also given me the freedom to move more comfortably and confidently throughout my day.


In this review, I’ll share my experience with the BackReliever Decompression Belt, how it works, and why I believe it could be a great solution for anyone struggling with similar back issues.

What is BackReliever Decompression Belt?

The BackReliever Decompression Belt is a wearable device designed to provide traction and decompression therapy to alleviate lower back pain.


Unlike traditional back support belts, the BackReliever Decompression Belt inflates to stretch and support the lower back, offering relief from conditions such as herniated discs, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease. This belt is a non-invasive, drug-free option for managing back pain, making it suitable for daily use.

How Does It Work

The BackReliever Decompression Belt operates by inflating to create traction in the lower back. When the belt is inflated, it gently stretches the spine, increasing the space between the vertebrae. This action helps to relieve pressure on compressed nerves and spinal discs, which can significantly reduce pain and discomfort.


The decompression effect also promotes better blood flow to the spine, aiding in the reduction of inflammation around the discs and the sciatic nerve.


In addition, the belt provides stability and support to the lower back, which can prevent muscle spasms and pain triggered by everyday activities. By stabilizing the midsection, the belt allows users to strengthen their back muscles with less pain. The gentle stretching of the back muscles also helps to relieve stiffness and tension, contributing to overall back health.

How to Use BackReliever Decompression Belt

1. Positioning the Belt: Place the belt around your lower back, ensuring that it sits above the hip bone and below the rib cage. Use the black markers on the belt to center it properly on both sides of your body.
2. Securing the Belt: Thread the secure strap through the metal loop and hold the inner flap in position. Tighten the belt by pulling the secure strap until it feels snug around your waist. It is important that the belt is tight enough to provide traction and support.
3. Inflating the Belt: Attach the manual pump to the air nozzle on the belt. Inflate the belt by pumping until the air columns are fully expanded. The belt should increase in height by approximately 4 inches, lifting and supporting the weight of your upper body.


Wear the belt for 20-30 minutes at a time, or longer if needed. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the belt 40 minutes before bed. If back pain is disturbing your sleep, you may also try sleeping with the belt on.


 To remove the belt, first deflate it by unscrewing the inflatable valve. Once the air is released, unfasten the secure strap and take off the belt.

The Pros and Cons of BackReliever Decompression Belt


Pain Relief: The belt can provide significant relief from lower back pain by decompressing the spine and reducing pressure on nerves.
Improved Posture: It helps in maintaining better posture by supporting the lower back and aligning the spine.
Non-Invasive: The belt offers a non-surgical, drug-free method to manage back pain, making it a safer option for many users.
Ease of Use: The belt is easy to use and can be worn during various activities, providing continuous support and relief.
Support and Stability: It offers additional support to the lower back, which can help prevent further injuries and aid in the healing process.


Temporary Relief: The pain relief provided by the belt is often short-term, and the underlying issues may persist once the belt is removed.
Overreliance: Excessive use of the belt without incorporating other treatments like physical therapy can lead to muscle deconditioning and potentially worsen back problems.
Skin Irritation: Improper fitting of the belt can cause skin irritation or rashes.
Limited Efficacy: The belt may not be effective for all types of back pain, particularly those not caused by nerve compression.

Is BackReliever Legit?

Yes, the BackReliever Decompression Belt is legitimate. The belt operates on the principle of spinal decompression, a well-established method for relieving pressure on spinal discs and nerves, which is supported by medical research.

Many users report significant pain relief and improved mobility after using the belt, indicating its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

It offers a non-surgical, drug-free alternative for managing back pain, which is a preferred option for many patients seeking to avoid the risks associated with surgery and medication.

The belt can be easily incorporated into daily routines and used alongside other treatments like physical therapy, enhancing its overall effectiveness.

Health professionals often recommend decompression belts as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for specific back conditions, further validating its legitimacy.

Where to Buy BackReliever Decompression Belt?

If you’re looking to buy the BackReliever Decompression Belt, the official BackReliever store is the best place to purchase it.

They are currently offering a special discount, but this deal might not last long. I bought mine from the official store and am very happy with it.

The delivery was quick, arriving within a week, and the customer service was excellent.