Importance Of Determine Your Facial Shape

Understanding all about face shape and determining the same can help you to pick the right makeup and haircut. That said, there are six standard face shapes including square, round, rectangle, oval, heart, and diamond.

Is It Important To Determine Your Face Shape?

Knowing your face shape can help you to experiment with dimension.

·        Precise Sculpting

Once you understand all about face shape, you can know the best techniques for sculpting and contouring your face. Considering the nuances of facial shape is key to applying the contour like a pro. It doesn’t matter whether you have a diamond face shape or a square one. On knowing the shape, you can work toward the center of your face and around the perimeters as well for a flawless look.

·        Emphasis On The Right Feature

Once you are confident about your face shape, you can learn which part of your face needs more emphasis. This way you can focus more on that facial feature and help your face to shine and look attractive. For example, if you are round-faced, then you can consider applying the blush higher up on the cheekbones and emphasize your bone structure.

·        Deemphasize The Right Facial Part

Understanding all about face shape (โครง หน้า ต่างๆ, which is the term in Thai) can help you to deemphasize better. In case you are blessed with a square jawline, you can rely on contouring makeup to achieve roundness and softer edges.

·        Perfect Haircut

Your hairstyle plays a pivotal role in making and breaking your look. The right one will also emphasize your face. If you are facing difficulties in choosing the right haircut, then learning all about your face shape might come of great help. Knowing all about face shape can help you determine the right hairstyle based on your feature.

Are Considering Facial Features Important To Determine Face Shapes?

Apart from face shape measurement, there are various characteristics attached to particular face shapes. For example, a rounded jawline is synonymous with rounder faces, while a pointer chin is more associated with a heart face. Consider the contours and angles of your face to check if they are defined, sharp, or soft. Now once you have every measurement, sort out from the list of face shapes to check which one is yours.

Remember not everyone can be categorized under a singular facial shape. Many people have a combination of two or more face shapes. If none of the measurements align with a particular category, then fret not, as you aren’t alone in this. Mixtures of various facial shape is completely possible.

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